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Vision: Digital Media
November 01, 2004
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EM: What sort of adjustments do you expect legacy big media brands to make with regard to voice and transparency? What happens if they make no adjustments?

JJ: As a reporter, I was trained not to reveal my opinions. It was hard to become a columnist and become human. It was just as hard to become a blogger and become transparent. But I reveal my political opinions on my blog because I believe I owe my readers that much transparency, so they can judge the rest of what I say.

I believe established media must learn to do the same. But it will be difficult -- often impossible -- for big media organizations and for individual journalists to do that. It's a violation of almost a century's news culture.

Those who do adjust and learn to reveal their perspectives while also maintaining standards of professionalism will succeed (I hope). Those who hold to old rules and expectations will look more and more anachronistic and silly -- and just plain dull. CNN is to FoxNews -- that is to say, smaller -- as big media is to citizens' media and the many new competitors to come.

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