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Google stirs controversy with Froogle
Spam-fighting theories far from practice
Yahoo tests new home page
Research firm says challenges loom for Google
New service by TiVo will build bridges from Internet to the TV
Blue Nile's real sparkle
College facebook mugs go online
The Internet: 'a dirty mess'
Website analysis isn't a game
Espotting-FindWhat.com merger is go

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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Google stirs controversy with Froogle - Washington Post
Ahead of its upcoming blockbuster IPO, Google is running afoul of more controversy, this time related to its Froogle shopping engine. In a bid to boost revenues in the days leading up to Father’s Day, Google is "experimenting by promoting its own shopping site ahead of other online search results and ads." According to search engine experts, the move is all the more disturbing given Google’s "unusually high standards" for doing the right thing. Says Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch: "It is wrong, in that Google has taken a spot an advertiser was expecting to get. If you are an advertiser, you have a right to be upset. They ought to come up with something better."

Spam-fighting theories far from practice - Internet News
At the IT Security Summit, research firm Gartner articulated a nagging thought of many tech insiders: "Filters and sender authentication protocols are not likely to do much to stem the spam flood around the world, at least for the time being." The problem, of course, is that most anti-spam filters are still in the ‘embryonic stage’ while most sender reputation-authentication services are "little more than theories." The article includes a look at some of the more well-known vulnerabilities of anti-spam filters, highlights two anti-spam initiatives from Microsoft and Yahoo, and underlines ways that legitimate marketers are still able to work around some of the anti-spam filters.

Yahoo tests new home page - News.com
Yahoo could be in the final stages of a site makeover, if "trial mock-ups seen by some Web users" over the past few weeks are any indication. For now, Yahoo appears to be content with "minor layout changes rather than a drastic overhaul of the home page." Yet, in May, Yahoo told Wall Street analysts that "a handful of its high-profile Web properties would undergo changes later this year," and this could be the first of those changes. Yahoo offered little guidance on potential changes afoot: "We value our consumer insights, and from time to time, we will test a few simple modifications to see if these ideas and enhancements are beneficial to our broad base of visitors."

Research firm says challenges loom for Google - Reuters

New service by TiVo will build bridges from Internet to the TV - New York Times

Blue Nile's real sparkle - Business Week

College facebook mugs go online - Wired News

The Internet: 'a dirty mess' - Internet News

Website analysis isn't a game - Wired News

Espotting-FindWhat.com merger is go - The Register

Beatles said to be in online song licensing talks - Reuters

Should I tell potential employers about my Weblog? - Fortune

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Web address sales hit record high - Washington Post
An all-time high of 4.7 million Internet addresses were sold in 1Q 2004, according to a new study by VeriSign. There are now 62.9 million registered Internet addresses. VeriSign noted two key factors for the "spike" in domain-name sales – continued growth of the Internet population in Europe and Asia and a resurgent U.S. economy. Interestingly, "multilingual adoption in the naming market" appears to be "taking off," as Internet users clamor for Web addresses with Arabic, Chinese and Russian characters. An interesting factoid: "The number of domain-name registrations has grown in nearly every year that the Internet has existed."

Net operators warming to video ads - News.com
Four Web publishers – About.com, CondeNet, World Wrestling Entertainment and iFilm.com – are experimenting with new video advertising software from Eyeblaster that allows them to stream commercial clips directly into video broadcasts online, "thereby earmarking new ad inventory." Analysts note that the introduction of these new video ads is yet another step toward the creation of the first real "online commercials." Both Reuters and Microsoft MSN are also "testing the video waters," says the article.

IDG takes a shot at resuscitating Standard parties - Mercury News
IDG could be attempting to revive the Industry Standard, once considered the "high-flying bible of the Internet economy," says this article. In January, IDG soft-launched a new Web site for the magazine and, recently, has hosted a series of informal networking events. IDG comments on future plans for the Industry Standard: "We really are just experimenting to see if the market is going to accept the Industry Standard if it did come back. There is a buzz in the market and no one is really dedicated to telling the story about what is happening on the Internet." For now, though, there are "no plans to revive the print version of the magazine."

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