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Turn to Corante for expertly written, custom-developed newsletters that enable you to keep better connect with your clients, partners and investors.

A custom-developed newsletter from Corante can be an extremely valuable marketing and customer relations tool that:

  • Builds your brand
  • Positions you as a trusted authority in your field
  • Puts your name in front of existing and potential clients with a service they value
  • Provides a platform through which to inform them about your products and services
  • Expands your contact base
  • Encourages interaction with your customers

Important too: It's affordable!

Among those we're working with:

  • An industry association that sends out a weekly email to its subscribers
  • A venture capital firm that uses our coverage in a monthly email newsletter
  • A small technology company for whom we've tailored a unique email product that includes articles related to their niche, case studies, product information,and more

It's media as marketing. It's what we're good at. And it's helping a growing number of small to medium-sized companies differentiate themselves and get in front of the people that matter to them.

For information on how we can help you grow your business, contact Hylton Jolliffe at: hylton@corante.com.