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January 4, 2005

Keep Your Pulse on Mental Health Issues

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Posted by Zack Lynch

For the past four years Bill Davis has been aggregating the most relevant, up-to-date information about mental health issues on his weblog PULSE. It is the best resource I have found anywhere on the net and apparently many others agree.

To help guide the next stage of development and growth for Pulse, Bill has pulled together a diverse group of mental health professionals from the US, Canada and the UK to help advise him on emerging mental health issues, including:

Elaine Alfano - Policy Analyst, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.
Piers Allott - Fellow for Recovery, National Institute for Mental Health in England.
Charles Benjamin - Executive Director, North Sound Mental Health Administration
Christine Bois - Concurrent Disorders Priority Manager, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Janos Botschner - Chief Researcher, Canadian Mental Health - Waterloo
Janice Buchanan - Mental Health Program, O­ntario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care
Dale Butterill - Manager: Knowledge Transfer, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Rosie Carney - Bureau Chief, Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction
Anita Everett - Senior Medical Advisor, SAMHSA
Leah Gitter - Facilitator: Criminal Justice Support Group, NAMI
Nancy Hall - University of British Columbia Department of Psychiatry
Dale Klatzker - President and CEO, The Providence Center
Frank Kokorowski - Director, King County Community and Human Services (Seattle)
Paul Lefkovitz - President, Behavioral Pathway Systems
Zack Lynch - Managing Director, NeuroInsights.
Elaine Sutton Mbionwu - President/CEO, National Re-Entry Resource Center
James McNulty - President Emeritus, NAMI
Chip Palmer - CEO, Centre for Community Change International
Knute Rotto - CEO, Choices, Inc.
Sue Schmidt - Field Director, Vermont Agency of Human Services
Ken Thompson - Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health, U. of Pittsburgh Medical School

I highly recommend giving the Pulse community weblog a look. It has daily, weekly and quarterly updates to keep you abreast of mental health issues.

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1. Chip Palmer on January 7, 2005 2:14 AM writes...

Dear Zack,

I followed your hyperlink for Ken Thompson and found myself at a directory of faculty at the University of Florida. I know Ken well enough to know that he would suffer a profound narcisstic injury if he knew that a full distillation of his CV weren't available. I will see him on Sunday, and find a link where his work is described in detail. He is the webmaster for the American Association of Community Psychiatry (AACP) and works extensively on the topic of publich health, and particularly in health disparity. He was chief resident at Albert Einstein in NYC, and did a stint teaching at Yale. He is at the "cutting edge" of mental health systems change, and has done pioneering work on conducting formal "dialogue" between MH consumers and professionals. He is a clinician, academician, and all around gadfly. He identifies as a "Scot" and as such holds an annual Burns Dinner which happens to be January 15th for those in the Pittsburgh area. I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to working with you on the ongoing development of PULSE.

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