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March 10, 2004
BuzzMachine on Howard Stern

I haven't written anything about Howard Stern and the ClearChannel/FCC cabal that seem to be trying to throw him off the air for airing his opinions of George Bush. But this is an important story, perhaps the most important story of the recent past - more important that 9/11 and Iraq? Time will tell. Congress decided by one vote that privately owned satellite networks should be exempt from FCC indecency regulation.

Jeff Jarvis has been all over this story at BuzzMachine and today's update pretty much covers the whole story, which seems to be turning into a perfect storm of right-wing reactionaries, monopoly media, and an ill-informed population. Howard claims that the FCC is deciding when to fine him for indecency so as to limit the impact on the presidential race, congress is going to change the size of the fines by an order of magnitude to make sure the FCC can silence anyone they want, whenever they want. I have no interest in Howard Stert, but I'm able to change the channel if I don't want to listen to him.

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Jonathan, you should read the comments section concerning the Stern posts over on Jeff Jarvis' blog. One topic of discussion, which I will add here, is that this has nothing to do with political speech and Howard's opinion of George Bush! If Howard is fined by the FCC it is going to be over indecent speech, a violation of FCC regulations. Whether or not you agree with those regulations is another matter. But this is not a personal attack on Stern by George Bush. You should include yourself as one of the ill-informed public.

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There isn't any proof to Stern's claims that the FCC is holding up their actions on him to minimize the political fallout. But the fact that the FCC came after him after he made statements against Bush is suspicious at best. Given the administration actions (or lack there of) in the Plame affair, direction of the CIA to work on character assasination of Richard Clarke, and various co-ordinated attacks against anyone who breaks ranks with the White House.

Whether it's matters of substance like Bush's continued claims that Saddam kicked weapons inspectors out of Iraq, or meaningless photo op issues, like the the Mission Accomplished banner on the aircraft carrier, claims that BA pilots spotted Air Force One in transit to Iraq for Thanksgiving, or the kid figeting behing Bush that was aired on David Letterman, this is an administration that lies easily and shamelessly and is only now begining to be taken to task for it.

Feel free to do some reading to get yourself informed. is a good starting place.

Posted by Jonathan Peterson on April 6, 2004 09:08 PM | Permalink to Comment

What a thought! I take off my hat to you! Keep doing like this!

Posted by Nat on April 28, 2004 07:33 AM | Permalink to Comment

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