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The world’s first blog media company, Corante is a trusted, unbiased source on technology, science and business that’s authored by highly respected thinkers, commentators and journalists; read by many of the sector's top entrepreneurs, executives, funders and followers; and is helping to lead the emergence of blogging as an influential and important form of reportage, analysis and commentary.

BLOGS: Home to an expanding network of some of the sector’s most notable and insightful commentators, Corante recognized early the impact blogging would have on the media landscape and has built a brand trusted by technology’s top thinkers and doers. For many of them, Corante’s a primary port of call for staying ahead of the news and cited often by readers for tipping them off to ideas and industry developments weeks and even months before they hit mainstream sources.

OUR READERS: Corante's community of more than 450,000 monthly readers aren’t just casual observers of the sector - they're the individuals on the cutting edge, the early adopters and innovators who are creating the technologies, building and running the sector's best companies, and dreaming up the applications of the future. In addition they're affluent, highly educated and well connected.  In all, a perfect target audience for any company looking to make an impact on the real movers and shakers – to “influence the influencers.” For marketers looking for more information, please visit this page.

We take our name - some inspiration too - from the enterprising British printer Nathaniel Butter. His Corante - which first hit the streets of London on September 24, 1621 - is widely considered to be the first English language newspaper. Corante 2.0 launched some 379 years later. Pronunciation: [core-AUNT (as in haunt)]